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Address: 1200 W Nathan Lowe Rd, Arlington, TX 76017

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4.5 Average rating
Image of Kiernan Dunbar
25 Apr 2020
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Alright, I’ve had a few friends tell me on different occasions I need to start shopping at ALDI, but I can never remember to grab a dedicated quarter for the cart. I know, lame excuse. We had nothing for dinner, so I grabbed a quarter, and

Image of John Doe
21 Apr 2020
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This is a great neighbor quick convenience store today 2 black 1 black lady stealing stuff in there so sad to see this happen all store owner please be aware.

Image of Jim Johnson
13 Apr 2020
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this place is Awesome friendly employees. better prices. weird uncommon names but the stuff is great

Image of Collin Johnson
26 Mar 2020
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Love shopping there. Great products at a great price!

Image of David Allen
26 Mar 2020
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If you want to stretch your grocery dollars Aldi is my favorite place to shop! Products at Aldi are distributed under their own branded label but are actually from the same major companies you want at a less expensive price. Some examples:

Image of Stephen Owusu
13 Mar 2020
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Aldi's is a very good grocery store, the prices are very reasonable. I love to shop at Aldi

Image of Michael Ajiboye
06 Feb 2020
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Grocery store with good savings on purchases

Image of Carla Flores
05 Feb 2020
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Love shopping at Aldi always find what I need at great prices. And the employees were very friendly today.

Image of Brandon Steward
12 Jan 2020
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Yesterday one of the staffs had a lil attitude after I asked where the sour cream was located. I understand that retail jobs are a headache sometimes or maybe a personal issue may cause you to feel the way you are but

Image of crystal davis
01 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Every time I go to Aldi's I have a great experience. The customer service is great and I even think the people of this neighborhood are polite also. Two thumbs up and all smiles.

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