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Emory Clinic at Emory University Hospital Midtown Logo
2.1/5 (10 reviews)
Image of sierra allen
26 Apr 2020
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Sitting in the waiting room (been here since 12:00p.m.) of the ER waiting for my results. Been waiting for 2 hours on a room for the doctor but wait that's not the worst part. The registration nurse was talking to another nurse and told her

Image of Anna Shepherd
06 Apr 2020
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Only giving one star so I can write a review! This place is unprofessional and incompetent. I don’t understand how Dr. Sood or any of her staff were able to even get a job. 1) When making an appointment the receptionist laughed at me.

Image of Michael Wise
05 Apr 2020
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This review is NOT about the hospital or staff. My Dr and his team are fantastic. This review is for Emory's online billpay. Horrid. The most confusing and worthless website I've ever encountered. You are provided an "EPay" code on

Image of Haley Brice
17 Mar 2020
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The maternity dept nurses are pretty good. All were caring and kind. Even the lab workers drawing blood. However the facility can use some upgrading. And the emergency dept can be a little more organized and polite. I had an overall decent experience compared to wellstar hospitals.

Image of Chris K
09 Mar 2020
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I don't recommend as they have no clue what they're doing. Needed a second dose of a vaccine but they sent me as an employee to Emory Employee Clinic to "save me some money". Turns out that the employee clinic does not offer the vaccine

The Kaufmann Clinic Logo
3.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of JP Dinges
20 Apr 2020
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The Kaufmann Clinic provides excellent health care. They are proactive; communicative; focused on prevention as well as treatment and provide the best overall evidenced-based healthcare one could ask for. The doctors and PAs are exceptional.

Image of Sarah Howard
06 Apr 2020
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When I first entered the office I felt good about being there. The machine I thought I was surprise to use, later I discovered I didn’t have to put my ID on the machine.. The woman behind the desk only stated to me was ..what’s your date of

Image of Elisa Davidsen
04 Apr 2020
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I was in desperate need of some help due to an allergic reaction. The nurses, techs and the doctor I saw were really great! They were very helpful and completed the tests that I think were important for my situation. The gave ma a

Image of Ian MacDougald
17 Mar 2020
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Listen, if you are concerned about finding a new primary Dr look no further than Dr Kaufmann. He took the time to go above and beyond. I don't think anyone likes to go to the Dr but after visiting this busy office I found my new primary

Image of Jessica Masters
19 Feb 2020
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I randomly went to this clinic in a panic after a ruptured ear drum 3 years ago. Dr. Regan became my GP after that day. I’ve never had a GP that I go to regularly until her. She’s AMAZING! I’ve recommended her to friends/family too and they

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