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Address: 9745 US HWY 290 E, Austin, TX 78724

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Image of georgiac83
08 Apr 2020
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Having your car towed it a terrible experience, there's no way around that but Irere went out if her way to make the experience bearable.After a misscommunication with the parking at our AirB&B we came out to a

Image of Kayla Redmond
07 Apr 2020
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Treat people fair.

Image of Keith Johnson
07 Apr 2020
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I’d recommend this company and disregard the negative comments .Further investigation on the comments it seems like fault was their own and not the companies due to their lack of what seems like them not following the rules. I was treated

Image of Jake Hewitt
05 Apr 2020
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As far as towing companies go, I have been really impressed with Austin Frontier Towing. I understand that people are mad that their vehicles were towed but it isn't the towing company that is at fault for people not following the rules.

Image of Tenney McKay
19 Mar 2020
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This company targets handicapped people and illegally removes placards so they can tow. Low-life criminals.

Image of Salim Ocasio
16 Mar 2020
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They did the job but changed the price on me after the fact. Meh.

Image of Jim Downing
15 Mar 2020
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Predatory towing practices. I am visiting my son from out of town and my vehicle was towed from his parking lot. The lady on the phone called me a liar when I told her where I was parked. She said it wouldnt have been towed otherwise.

Image of Blake Jeffrey
20 Feb 2020
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Towed my car. That's their job though. They were friendly and able to provide a schedule so I knew when they would be out and about towing.

Image of Luis Martinez
14 Feb 2020
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They have a lady in a parking lot calling the tow truck. She said "there is a sign" which is true but it's only visible to people leaving the parking lot, not entering it! (I have pictures to prove it). My brother was only parked there for

Image of Adam Kerr
02 Jan 2020
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Irene was so helpful in getting my car back and made the process very enjoyable and easy. She made my day that much better and was an amazing representation of a good employee. Thanks again!

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2.2/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Betsy McGrath
16 Apr 2020
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Not sure why more people do not file civil suits against this company. I am in the process of filing a civil complaint and I filed a complaint with the Texas Dept of Lic. & Reg. I also uncovered that on 5/7/19 they were found guilty of

Image of Queen Of Freezing Time
06 Apr 2020
Found the review Helpful?

This place is a joke. I came to stay with my aunt for the weekend and woke up to my truck towed. They said they took it because I didn’t have a parking permit, however no one that was parked on the side in the complex had a parking permit.

Image of K VP
12 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Our car was illegally towed from our apartments by this company while our car was under the carport that is paid for every month. The tower did not consult with the front office before taking the vehicle and cost us money and time to get to

Image of Preston O.
06 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Showed for appointment over 40 minutes late, ironic because I was on time and I didn't even have a car. Woman on phone started hanging up on me. FYI my vehicle was towed from my own place of residence.

Image of Jaycee Castimore
06 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

On 1/20/2020 I was stuck on the side of the road and called A&A to come help. They were there in such a hurry and were so helpful. They helped me with my tire and even helped calm my nerves from being on the side of the road. I will definitely be recommending A&A wrecker to all my family and friends!