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Address: 8557 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758

Overall feedback

4.2 Average rating
Image of Adam Haecker
03 Apr 2020
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The Hong Kong supermarket is small and older but it is a gem. It carries all the Asian products I could ever need. I feel more at home here than at the larger H-Mart. Things are cramped, but their selection is great. Staff is nice and it’s never too crowded.

Image of Gregory Hovagim
25 Feb 2020
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Great selection of packaged foods, and lots of fridge and freezer foods. So happy to have picked up some foods you just can’t find in South Austin.

Image of Aralia S
16 Feb 2020
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They have so many Asian products to choose from! The place is hard to walk through the isles and you’ve to be careful not to trip into stuff but they’ve really fresh seafood and produce. The staff wasn’t very attentive and they only have one cash register working. But it worth to check it out.

Image of Glide
11 Feb 2020
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A little small but conveniently located next to my favorite Ramen Tatsuya and Coco's Cafe. Location, location, location.

Image of Gavin68
04 Feb 2020
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Awesome. Loved it. This is a wonderful little grocery store with a huge selection of various Asian foods and fresh produce and meat. I wish we had one of these stores locally. So many wonderful options.

Image of Paul Sedillo
12 Jan 2020
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Not a bad Asain market located in North Austin. It's a small store with a reasonable selection of items. They have a solid butcher shop where you can find unique cuts of meat.

Image of Robert Sanchez
12 Jan 2020
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If you need it- its there

Image of Siva Sengottuvelappan
12 Jan 2020
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They have some interesting tropical fruits like Thai banana, jackfruit, chikoo etc. Smell inside the store can be strong like in most other Chinese stores.

Image of lysette martinez
12 Jan 2020
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Great market, we found a lot more than we needed. :) So many cute trinkets too.

Image of Tintu Varghese
03 Jan 2020
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This is a great market usual stop for jackfruit, bananas, Cassava other fruits and Veggies. Recently tried the the frozen soursop fruit $15, not worth it at all. The picture of that is tagged under this business. Anyways Found a better one

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