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Address: 10901 N Lamar Blvd G, Austin, TX 78753

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3.5 Average rating
Image of Zoe Roman
26 Apr 2020
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Far and away MT Supermarket offers the most variety in an ‘asian grocery store,’ for the area it’s in. Not as versatile as an H Mart because they don’t have a performance stage or food court, they’re still worth a visit for the sheer

Image of b r y n
20 Apr 2020
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I have been coming to MT supermarket for a bout a decade now for various Asian products and dishware. However, this week I decided to do more traditional grocery shopping here. While MT's produce appeared to be fresh, I purchase 4

Image of Anna Ramos
12 Apr 2020
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I love this place. It has so many asian food and ingredients I cant find anywhere else. Their snacks are much more healthy than what you find in conventional stores, and my family and I love exploring different tastes. I went in to find a

Image of Paul Nguyen
08 Apr 2020
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One of the largest Asian markets in Austin. They got pretty much almost of pan-asian and other Asian produces and merchandises. Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino and American all you find here. Great meats, fishes, seafood and

Image of Dave Kessler
11 Mar 2020
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Very disorganized but a cool experience and good selection of hard to find things

Image of Ankiita Tandon Bhatia
08 Mar 2020
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If you are vegetarian then avoid the back section but groceries are fresh always. The mushroom and greens section very nice. They have upped the rates of the veggies in the recent past. You can find some good treasures while looking through their food and kitchen section.

Image of Dakota Clark
12 Feb 2020
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While I enjoy the vast selection, the store organization leaves a lot to be desired. Some sections just look like they were casually taken out of the box and placed where ever there was room. The prices are fair, which offsets the lack luster shopping experience. There are a lot of vegetarian food options, which is always a plus.

Image of Gee Interpreter
06 Feb 2020
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One of the fun places I used to visit in Austin. There are many international thing I look for I find it here. Always busy but it could be a nice different place to shop in.

Image of Durand Sentinus
26 Jan 2020
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We have shopped at MT Supermarket for several years now. It is one of the main stores where we are able to find the Asian groceries we purchase on a regular basis. This has remained true even with additional competition in the metro Austin area now.

Image of Barry Holsinger
16 Jan 2020
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The store is not nearly as nice as Ranch 99 or HMart. Seafood section smells and fish tanks look not so clean. Many small food items displayed willy nilly, some packages opened or broken, other look expired (but who can tell?) It isn't the worst Asian Grocery store in Austin area but it will never be the best either.

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