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4.5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Connie Wilkins
25 Apr 2020
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I have been very pleased with the physical therapy I have received at Idaho Spine and Sports. . All of the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Every time I walk in the door I am greeted with a smile. I would highly recommend Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy!

Image of Amy Martinez
17 Apr 2020
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They have the best staff in town. Every single person there genuinely cares for each person that walks thru their doors. They go above and beyond for everyone and have exceeded my expectations. They truly know what they are doing and

Image of Tom Jans
19 Feb 2020
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Five weeks ago, I could barely walk into their McMillan location on my own as I had a major case of sciatica that developed after total knee replacement surgery in November. I've never had prolonged lower back pain but an MRI showed I have

Image of Marion Noname
17 Feb 2020
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So this is hard because I truly think the PT I've seen, Zeb, did a great job and listen very well and I was willing to go see him again. However, they make you pay immediately even when you tell them that your

Image of Lynda Pearson
16 Feb 2020
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Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy is the place to go for therapy. The therapists are highly professional, communicate clearly and give you a timeline for your treatment. They give clear explanations about the procedures, and they are

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5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Leslie Halvorson
20 Apr 2020
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Gavin was able to decrease my knee pain while improving my strength and balance. The exercises he gave me to do at home were do-able and not overwhelming! I had a great experience and highly recommend!

Image of sarah blumenfeld
12 Apr 2020
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Gavin was amazing! I compress fractured a vertebrae and had never felt like physical therapy. After going to see Gavin and experiencing his cultivated care I feel much better. A few months later I went back for a different injury (pulled my

Image of John Plisga
22 Mar 2020
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Gavin helped repair some shoulder damage after it was separated. The personal service was great and fit my needs perfectly. I mentioned that I wanted to continue some work after our sessions so he was kind enough to email me exercises to continue and progress with. All in all friendly and knowledgeable: everything you need.

Image of Jody Orr
20 Feb 2020
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Gavin has helped me recover from a couple of injuries thus far (torn achilles, knee replacement) and I can't say enough positive things about his competence, his knowledge and his patience. My husband has also been to him for some

Image of Randy Hemmer
19 Feb 2020
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Gavin is the only person in the valley that I know of that uses MAT Muscular Activation Techniques along with his regular physical therapy. I had successful MAT treatments a few years ago on my right shoulder from a different therapist who

All In Physical Therapy, LLC Logo
5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Abby Sanchez
24 Apr 2020
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I had the best experience coming to All in physical therapy! As soon as i walked in i was delivered with the best service i have ever had at ANY clinic! My vertigo went completely away within 2-3 days after being taken care of here. 100% recommend. I will continue coming here.

Image of John Embury
23 Apr 2020
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I had a serious acute knee injury and after a visit to the Orthopedic ER, I knew that Jason Allred was one of the best in the field of Physical Therapy and I asked for his help. He knew exactly what I needed to do to recover quickly.

Image of Sienna and Jordyn
15 Apr 2020
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Excellent knowledge, skills, discernment, and humor! What a very well-rounded staff with Jim and Jason! Jason was excellent with my daughter. He tried many different therapies and was persistent in varied methods until we found one that

Image of Wendy Chandler
13 Apr 2020
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After a car accident last July I was referred to All In for physical therapy. Right off the staff was so welcoming! Jim set me up to work with Anjaline, who is seriously one of the sweetest people I have ever met and was very attentive to

Image of Sakal Shalom
09 Apr 2020
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Jason, Angeline and Jim are fantastic! There are plenty of PT places to go to between where I live and where All In PT is. I chose All In PT because when I met Jason, I saw he treated all of his patients the same. Then I met Angeline and

Focus Physical Therapy Logo
5/5 (8 reviews)
Image of Luke Anorak
26 Apr 2020
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Mike saw me through a work injury. I came out better than I hoped for. When a car accidnet happened the last week of my care for the work injury, I knew right away, where I was going to go for care. Still progressing but i am in great hands here!

Image of Ariel Minter
22 Apr 2020
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Last summer I had an accident that nearly broke my jaw. I lost and damaged several teeth and thought my jaw would permanently be damaged. I set an appointment with Kristina D. Prochaska, PT, DPT with Focus Physical Therapy, and she was

Image of William Mullane
23 Mar 2020
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Michael was awesome. I saw 2 docs in the 2 weeks leading up to my visit with Michael and neither of them even touched my injured ankle. One took an xray and told me what she saw. The other just listened and referred me to a specialist.

Image of Elizabeth Margolis
16 Feb 2020
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I've had several experiences with various physical therapists over the years, and FOCUS is by far the best---full attention from an expert PT, friendly helpful office staff, and bright, comfortable office and treatment rooms. I'd never go anywhere else.

Image of Sean Scott
24 Jan 2020
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Monica has been great! She has been very thorough in assessing my injury, treating it in the office and prescribing exercises for me to use between visits. I'm very pleased with my progress and I believe I'll emerge from my injury stronger and less prone to future injuries thanks to her care and efforts.

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