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Dr. Frank Rinaldi DPM

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Address: 1721 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

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3.4 Average rating
Image of Sou Ha
22 Apr 2020
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The worst doctor I have ever seen. My mom saw him in the first visit for the pain that she had in her feet. He did a couple of X-ray and put some electrical stimulation with a small machine that kept turning off by itself. She practically

Image of Frank Rinaldi
04 Apr 2020
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Saw dr Rinaldi on an Emergency, referred by urgent care, he was outstanding in diagnosing and managing my foot and ankle problem> HE MADE ME WALK AGAIN PAIN FREE< his office is state of the art< staff helpful , I would highly recommend him for all your foot and ankle problems

Image of Madeline Caudiano
23 Feb 2020
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He is excellent podiatrist. You will not find another Doctor that has compassion for his work.

Image of George Peterson
22 Feb 2020
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Worse Podiatrist I have ever encounter. First of all he did not address my fungus toenail, my corns or bunions. He took the “ let bleed the insurance company “ approach. X-rays, a so called laser treatment

17 Feb 2020
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Very professional office. Dr.Rinaldi answer all my question and he was very gentle. The staff very friendly. I will recommended to all my friend and family.

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