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Dr. Irina Klebanov

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Address: 209 Avenue P, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Overall feedback

2.8 Average rating
Image of Vlora Qorri
25 Apr 2020
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Worst doctor!! Never go there. They only try to rip you off and are rude as hell. Had the nurse yell at us for nothing all the time. I went there because i had a sore throat. She told me you have irregular heartbeats and that i had to go

Image of Elen Paumere
25 Apr 2020
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Doctor who care about patients. Years with her. Tks Doctor

Image of Dardan Sahitaj
24 Apr 2020
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They should close this clinic. The nurse is nasty picks up the cup i peed in without gloves, and let me tell it was covered in urine. The doctor doesn't know what she is doing just wants to get money from you! Told me I have irregular

Image of A A
08 Apr 2020
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Very rude unprofessional front desk by the name Sveta,she always yells receptionist I think that’s why they always change no one wants to work on that office,this is sad, she screams to receptionist next to patients comments her if she

Image of Ra Aljamal
17 Mar 2020
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BEST DOC IN BROOKLYN!!! AMAZING STAFF VERY Helpful. Recommend everybody.

Image of La Filistea
23 Feb 2020
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Please dont go there, she never, NEVER check the throat or ears, the nurse is very kind and sweet, but the doctor don't. Please find another doctor if you need a family doctor.

Image of Bee
13 Feb 2020
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Very knowledgeable and polite doctor I had routine checkup and I had No problems with doctor or staff and staff is polite too. The doctor’s office is clean and entrance accessible for the people on the wheelchair.

Image of Egor Targon
12 Jan 2020
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I have been a patient of Dr. Irina Klebanov for many years and I never had a single negative experience. She is a very knowledge and professional as a Doctor and very caring as a person. May be those who think that she is out there just to

Image of Howard Tanner - Dumbass
02 Jan 2020
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Never Again. This was my first visit to Dr. Irina Klebanov and also my last. The office is dirty and outdated. The wait time was over 45 minutes. The office manager is a big Russian lady who looks like a male wrestler (she's huge with big

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