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Dr. Orrin Lippoff, MD

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Address: 8210 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

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2.2 Average rating
Image of Alexa Marie
24 Apr 2020
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Horrible doctor, horrible office and awful staff. Do not waste your time going there. You will not get any answers. Worst doctor experience ever.

Image of Tony_MigzYT
25 Mar 2020
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The office staff is horrible. They are very rude and do not try to help you in any way! They brush you off and make you wait for hours. I worked in a medical office for over 20yrs and have NEVER treated patients in such a manner. They need to get a whole new staff!

Image of A S
01 Mar 2020
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The worst doctor and staff ever. I’m pregnant and think I have food poisoning, have been in pain since last night and wanted to double check. So I walked in with pain, the office let all patients with appointments before me even with them

Image of Irina Spivak
11 Feb 2020
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Amazing DOCTOR!!! My family and I have been going to him for 10yrs. Very thorough with all tests. Get my full yearly physical in 1 day. Takes all complaints and health issues seriously. Checks you from head to toe.

Image of Robert Ucciardi
05 Feb 2020
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Have been going here for years because there is no other place up until now. I have health first and this doctor has no concept of professionalism . He and his partner there have you wait for hours making your anxiety level soar an blood

Image of Damm Dann
05 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Dr Lipoff is extremely intelligent, he takes his time and knows more about medicines and cures, than most doctors. I consider him my hero. Thanks Mr Lipoff

Image of Luis A
25 Jan 2020
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To everyone be very careful with this Medical place. I stop seeing this Dr. Lippoff about 6 years ago. Now my credit reports is showing some charges as a no show appointment that I have not even called for. Dr. Lippoff is a scam he is only doing this for the money, be aware!

Image of E Sharp
23 Jan 2020
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The staff is very nice, and Dr. Lippoff is a excellent Doctor, he resolved me troubles, and never let any questions left. He has a bright knowledge and is very responsible, he has a significant empathy

Image of Yuriy Davidov
07 Jan 2020
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The wait time is completely unacceptable. Came in today with an appointment. 2.5 Hours and still waiting... The front desk keeps telling me I'm next, but they keep skipping people. They call all the people they know first and everyone else

Image of Alex Resnick
01 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Worst Doctor I’ve ever been to. Doesn’t actually care about his patients, has no desire to help people. Staff is even worse. Don’t waste your time here.

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