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Address: 2000 E Greenville St, Anderson, SC 29621

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4.6 Average rating
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31 Mar 2021
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The woman Ann who sits at the front desk is very warm. She is very sweet and makes the hospital comfortable for children

Image of Tiffany Bailey
18 Apr 2020
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I have always had a pleasant experience when visiting here for various reasons. I delivered my daughter here and am currently pregnant and planning to deliver baby number two here. Specifically in labor and delivery the nursing staff was

Image of Teanna Jones
14 Apr 2020
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I had my daughter at Anmed on April 28th at two in the morning. She was my first child and when I got there I was already 10cm dilated and I was very scared. The same nurse took care of me who checked me out a few days back when I came in

Image of Nancy Hodge
21 Mar 2020
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Good but wait ed too long

Image of suzanna w
22 Feb 2020
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Get this! There is a really good restaurant inside back entrance. Salad bar, grill, meat and three and dessert. Good prices. Outdoor dining area. I really love eating here and for me it is close. But the schedule needs to be checked.

Image of Debbie Sherard
21 Feb 2020
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The staff is a lot more caring at this hospital. I asked a random staff member for directions and she took me to my destination. I was so thankful.

Image of John Harper
24 Jan 2020
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Everyone was so kind and helpful. They really took care of my wife when we had our child.

Image of Elizabeth Waldrop
22 Jan 2020
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Very nice helped me figure out what was going on with my daughter... ended up being flu ... didn't take too long either

Image of Penny Parisi
22 Jan 2020
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clean, great care. Over all very happy

Image of R.I.P. Mom
08 Jan 2020
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I had both of my children here. Wonderful place!

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