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  • Single page fully-functional HTML website
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₹ 299/mo
  • Multi-page Industry-specific HTML designs
  • No Ads displayed on your website or app
  • Single-user business plugins
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₹ 1999/mo
  • Multi-page industry-specific optimized HTML and dynamic SEO-ready designs
  • Range of multi-user business plugins
  • No Ads displayed on website or app
  • Includes SSL, Hosting FTP Access

Getting a free website is the right of every business.

Today getting online is difficult. Either hire specialised employees to manage your IT (expensive), or outsource it to vendors (unreliable), or install tools like Wordpress (need to handle technology, hosting, configuration), or rely on DIY website builders - which look easy but produce non-extensible sites and really bad code, hindering your automatic SEO chances.

Wuchna presents a very simple way to put your business online - not just a beautiful industry-specific SEO-compliant website, but a powerful future-ready tool to automate your business processes via plugins.

All it takes is 3 minutes. Not even 5.

Just go through steps, fill a form and a beautiful website is created for you. No need to grapple with designs, hostings, file uploads or server settings. Just login to the android app to recieve contact form notifications, or manage your website daily on the go. Install business apps with just one-click.

Need custom designing, development or special integrations? Contact us, and we'll help you out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is easy to create a website with Wuchna in just few clicks. Fill a form and we will build a professional website for you in 3 minutes. If you want custom designing, development or special integrations, contact us, and we'll help you out!
Yes. Creating a website with Wuchna is very easy. No need for programming skills or experience. You can easily create your website by filling a simple form.
You do not to do extra efforts to make your website mobile friendly. Your website at Wuchna is automatically mobile friendly that looks great on smaller screens.
Wuchna is the top service listings site visited daily by thousands users looking for service providers. These users might call you directly by seeing your contact details on your business profile page on Wuchna.
With more than 1000+ service categories, Wuchna helps business owners build their brands and connect with millions quality buyers. It will help you in increasing your business.
You need to subscribe our paid website plans or addons to add more service to a basic free website.
Yes, you can edit your website anytime once you sign in. Ensure that you keep your website information updated.
You need to subscribe our per month plan to get featured on front page and then contact us. We will determine, on our discretion, if your profile is feature-able.
* Assuming Pro design, all options enabled.