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Riverside Medical Group Logo
1.8/5 (10 reviews)
Image of sowmya mohan
08 Apr 2020
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Worst ever dr.craig sorkin,he couldn’t talk with patient even for a minute,when I was there for consultation also being the 1st patient for the day.Take some time to listen your patient doctor,please!!!And to add it the receptionists Were rude though I had an infant on my side.

Image of Komal Oza
20 Mar 2020
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Pediatrician(Dr.Bokhari) is really good.Staff is kind of ok..On call support isnt too great.Whether you go by appointment or walkin during rush hours or noons be prepared for a long wait(atleast an hour to upto 3 hrs)Still always prefer to go by appointment only.An additional star again for Dr.Bokahri

Image of A J
05 Mar 2020
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3 to 4 hours wait time even with appointment. Never expect a quick response from any of them. Kids probably like it because they get stickers.. If you want attention to your kid’s health, this is definitely not the place..

Image of Gromit Lauriello
21 Feb 2020
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Waited one hour to see a nurse practitioner that barely spoke to me and did not assess me. Based on the questions I answered on the paper work, referrals were made to specialists without notifying me or having the nurse practitioner

Image of Utsav Patel
18 Feb 2020
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Every time you have to wait 1:30-2 hr for a pediatrician. it doesn’t matter that you have an appointment or not. Staff is very irresponsible. they never give you a perfect response. Doctors are good but staff is terrible. Please don’t visit this place

Jersey City Medical Center: Emergency Room Logo
1.9/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Pooja Dwivedi
18 Apr 2020
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Worst place for emergency..I went to ER around 1.30. did all formalities by 1.45 they asked me to wait in waiting area. I was having heart palpitations... And I was pregnantI told the receptionist also but no response. They got me to emergency room around 3.30. worst place for ER.

Image of Clarissa Cordero
25 Mar 2020
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I was just in the ER. I had severe back pain that was causing pain also in my stomach, nausea and chills. They gave me fluids, pain medicine. They did blood tests. After 5 hours a resident doctor comes in asks questions, touched my stomach

Image of vincent rivera
23 Mar 2020
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There rude and focus on only one of the symptoms which the treatment for that one symptom could cause some harm to the other symptom. It’s like if I walk in saying my bones are aching and I’m throwing up. There only focusing on the commuting and not the task that’s in front of them

Image of Billy Fitzpatrick
21 Mar 2020
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Every staff member I encountered here was incredible. I recently went to the ER with severe stomach pain unknowing that I had to get my appendix removed. The time from admittance to appendicitis diagnosis took a bit, but nobody should

Image of Ryan Meese
19 Mar 2020
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I went to the ER here and was treated with a lot of kindness, patience, and most importantly thoroughness from many staff members. My best experience with any doctor/hospital. The rating is low so I wanted to make sure to leave a review. I would definitely recommend this place as an ER option in Jersey City

Christ Hospital, Jersey City, NJ Logo
2.5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Ed Adlawan
26 Apr 2020
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Called the hospital to check on a friend if they’re still admitted and got bounced around by operators like a ping-pong ball in the gold medal round between China and Taiwan in the Olympics.

Image of Mihir Mirajkar
24 Apr 2020
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This hospital has charged me $10,000 for simple fever medication. It was a Sunday evening I had no other option than an ER for extremely high fever. They did not perform any tests other than vitals and I was send back home in 15 to 20

Image of Yars Wampy
15 Apr 2020
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This hospital might not be all glamour and glitz, (it might even appear swampy at first sight) but it has honest staff and doesn’t seem to have made any deals with the devil nor does it engage in any form of fraud waste and abuse or hipaa

Image of gloriana
15 Mar 2020
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taken to their emergency dept. in desperate pains. a "doctor lee" did not even check my vitals. sent me for x rays. took x rays of wrong arm!!! xray of lungs showed one completely opaque. 2 hours later the same dr.lee came to tell me x rays

Image of Arleth Gallegos
08 Mar 2020
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Emergency room does not want to perform tests no more wants to rush you out of the hospital fast. You can be dying from from pain but wont be admited into the hospital. Sometimes wont even diagnose you correctly. They give you a diagnosis by just looking at you and send you home with a happy thousand dollar bill.

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