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Address: 6300 W Charleston Blvd #130, Las Vegas, NV 89146

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4.3 Average rating
Image of Amaris Somarriba
24 Apr 2020
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I love this place so much! They have pretty great sales most of the times in all of their items, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend😊

Image of Ntlv Fcu
23 Apr 2020
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got a 200 dollar gift card for xmas, long story short my cat knocked over a couple cups of solvents i was cleaning some brushes in, causing my whole table to turn into a reaking pool of chemicals, in this said pool was my blicks card .

Image of Zachary Keiki
19 Apr 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Can't wait until they open again.

Image of Kimberly S
11 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

This place is amazing. They have great art supplies, a great selection of them and lots if great deals. The staff here is very friendly and students get a student discount.

Image of Simon John Cheng
10 Mar 2020
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This place is perfect. It was so easy to find everything I needed. Canvas, acrylics, Tombows, sketchbooks and stuff that I don't need but I bought anyway. Everyone is so helpful and quick to ask if you need assistance. It was perfect

Image of Caroline Sperry
25 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Great for art students. A nice wide selection of art supplies organized into categories of Art. Plus they have a student discount and sales often.

Image of Sean Linville
25 Jan 2020
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I wish I lived closer to Blick. But I will try occasionally to make it here as they have an awesome selection. Not a hobby store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby but an Art Supply Store. The employees are knowledgeable, nice and helpful. The 4

Image of Neil Williams
22 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Fantastic store, with fantastic staff. Always a pleasure to visit and shop.

Image of Sean Leary
21 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

There's so much to choose from here! It's a great place for art supplies if you have a few bucks to spare.

Image of Jessica Bryant
08 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Super friendly staff, reasonable prices, and tons of options. It is my go to for when I don't want to wait for an online order or really need to see things in person. They host lots of quick classes as well.

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