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Nakata Market of Japan

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Address: 2350 S Rainbow Blvd #6, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Overall feedback

4.9 Average rating
Image of Samantha Sampson
26 Apr 2020
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They have so many varieties of candies and ramen, pretty much whatever you can think of. My favorite is the flavored daifuku, I just wished I lived in Vegas so i could visit more often, also the woman at the counter was so nice and welcoming.

Image of Lissa
18 Apr 2020
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Small, neat store with a variety of Japanese goods. Not just food and drinks.The staff was exceptionally polite and helpful. The cashier ticked some napkins

Image of Andrea Tolentino
04 Apr 2020
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OMG! We walked into this place and we were in heaven! So much good things... this place reminded us of home back in Honolulu... This was like a mini Marukai... There were so many things that we long for but couldn't find here... now we know

Image of Seiji Ramirez
26 Mar 2020
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Very friendly staff! Love this place! Only downside is that it is quite small. It has about 5 small isles, and 5 freezers. However, they have a great selection. I might just be spoiled from living in Los Angeles, and having giant Japanese

Image of Sierra Nevada Empire
23 Mar 2020
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I love Japanese food and Japanese culture, even though I'm not Japanese but at this store I feel welcome. I come there on a somewhat regular basis to buy my favorite candy. (I love eating but the same time my friends like stealing from me

Image of Albert L.
05 Mar 2020
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Nakata Market is similar to Japan Creek just located across town from each other. The difference here is no fresh meat and produce, but do have frozen and vice versa for other store. You can get everything in one place here provided that

Image of Bill Ramos
25 Feb 2020
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We passed by so many times, we had to check it out. It was a great follow up place to go after shopping at Greenland Korean market for getting the lesser known Japanese groceries! I can’t wait to eat the various mochi we bought 😋

Image of Jerm Ray
01 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I love this place! Zippy's chili, kalua pork and Hawaii sun are sold here!

Image of John Dumont
23 Jan 2020
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Japanese market store under new management. Best sushi to go in town. Better than Smith's or other supermarkets.

Image of Sheen Hunter
16 Jan 2020
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This is 5 star because it's the only Japanese store that I know of in all of Vegas and they have a little bit of everything. From fair price to overpriced.

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