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Address: 10100 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89147

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3.5 Average rating
Image of GirlsSoDifferent
26 Apr 2020
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Love this smiths. Practically live there. Only thing I will say is, they should have at least one lane open after 9. Other than that great place! Nick “The Manager” is awsome!

Image of Yechen Yu
25 Apr 2020
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friendly staff,great selection of goods with awesome price。 I like coming here to get my daily fruits.

Image of Miguel Tapia
07 Apr 2020
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Great location great selection of products great service.

Image of Charlotte Scott
04 Apr 2020
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very disappointed. i needed some information as to whether or not they had a product in stock before i drove to the store. there is NO extension for customer service or the store manager. i settled on speaking with a young man from the

Image of Patricia Slotterback
22 Mar 2020
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As i have stated in other reviews, me and mine have lived in different locations around Las Vegas, for we live in a RV. Its not a life that some would live, but it is getting more and more popular with alot of

Image of Shari Mascotti
19 Mar 2020
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Nice and clean. Came from Texas and Colorado so it reminds me of king Soopers and Kroger of course. Only issue is I came in one day to purchase some ribeye steaks and they were too thick for my liking so I asked if they had any thin cut or

Image of Richard Poirier
09 Mar 2020
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Large store with great selections of food and produce. Hard to find everything set up way different than most of their stores.

Image of Adam G
26 Feb 2020
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Went in the store around 9PM and only the self checkout lanes were open. Out of all the self checkout lanes only one had any bags at it. The workers were all having a conversation around one register with friends none of them doing

Image of Chantel Alexander
13 Feb 2020
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For the most part I really like this Smith's but lately they haven't really been checking expiration dates on the products. I ordered online for curbside pick up a month ago and when I got home I had 3 items that were past expiration. Then

Image of Val Dorric
25 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Nicholas “the manager” at this location is unprofessional, rude, lacks good customer service and picks on minorities. Too sassy for his own good.

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