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5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Morgan Scott
26 Apr 2020
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I called East Hollywood Electrician last 2 days regarding my electrical power panel. We got a next day appointment. Josh came in and check the panel. He suggests to upgrade the panel. He educates me that Faulty wiring is one of the leading

Image of Agnes Watson
21 Apr 2020
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It was an excellent and eye-popping light installation accomplished by Sako a week ago. I liked Sako so much because he was so kind, smart, and fast in working on the given task. I couldn't enjoy the brightness here in my place without Sako's help. Bravo to all of you! See you next time! Very strongly recommended!

Image of Fuasiy Abub
17 Apr 2020
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East Hollywood Electrician installed a Tesla HPWC in my garage. My panel is in a finished basement so the work wasn't simple, but it was expertly done with as little drywall cutting as possible. They also installed a Sense home energy monitor for me. They answered questions and cleaned up after. Excellent work.

Image of Donna Colburn
06 Apr 2020
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Best electrical Service and Honest company!! This an honest and Very good Company. Last 4 days I called East Hollywood Electrician for my Fuse panel. It seems that the Fuse Panel needs repair. Carlo, who came out and he was very

Image of Suzanne Murray
25 Feb 2020
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I decided to call this electrical repair company because I was having some problems with my plug that was burned out. Thankfully, these guys were able to oblige, and it was Sako that they provided. He was a masterful and cordial electrician

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Image of Riniks Gargn
26 Apr 2020
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Very strongly recommended! Last Monday, I contacted your office to ask for your help. It was a relief when your electrician arrived and explained to me the reason behind my breaker that needs replacement. Thank you for not failing my expectations of your service, guys! You must be at the top! Cheers for your success!

Image of Marnie Bachand
02 Apr 2020
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What a knowledgeable and professional electrician! He was very friendly, worked efficiently, and cleaned up after himself. I had him out today to address my ceiling lights installation needs. Since then, everything has been working

Image of Marion Leonard
01 Apr 2020
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You must be known by many! Last week, I settled an appointment for the light installation that I needed with you. I was feeling delighted when you assigned Sako to help me with it. Sako was so determined and professional in doing the task.

Image of Laurie Ruiz
10 Mar 2020
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It was an impressive landscape wire installation accomplished by Sako a week ago. I was astonished he came and brought the tools he needed for the installation. I thanked him for accomplishing it excellently and immediately. I can conclude

Image of Thorpe Arya
06 Mar 2020
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It was just this morning when our wiring overheats, and I needed someone to handle it. Thankfully, I was able to get this brilliant electrician named Amur from this company that is known for its amazing service and affordable charges. Amur

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