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Address: 6161 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411

Overall feedback

3.2 Average rating
Image of Aaron Russell
16 Apr 2020
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Convenient location! Equipment is fine. I also purchased some training sessions and it's been excellent thus far. I have no regrets.

Image of Antonio Bshara
15 Apr 2020
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Receptionists have one job to do, smile and scan your code they still don’t do it right; always have a straight face. This gym closes an hour before all other LA fitness gyms although it’s the busiest among all. Beside that everything else is great.

Image of Shawn M Harvey
13 Apr 2020
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One of the best LA fitness locations I have ever visited. Plenty of equipment with plenty of space and a visually clean swimming and

Image of D johnson
08 Apr 2020
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After reading the reviews on how the staff is rude, well it’s sad but true. My first visit and realized no greet and the staff just simply do not have time to answer a question like you are a bother. Management needs to have a customer service training class

Image of Damon Lewis
05 Apr 2020
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This gym has good equipment. The staff was friendly when I bought my membership. After that, they proved to be not very service oriented. There is one woman behind the front desk though, that connects with everyone and has enough

Image of Jill Wilkerson
18 Mar 2020
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Better than average Gym/Health Club but tricky membership situation...☹️Recently remodeled. Pool, machines galore, cardio and yoga classes. Pretty nice

Image of J S
24 Feb 2020
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Nice clean gym. They have a huge main floor. I haven’t had a problem finding a machine to work on. The pool is decent. Customer service has been really good. The only thing that was confusing was the different deals you get online or in person.

Image of Dragos Bratu
08 Feb 2020
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This gym is full of a..holes in leggings who do not rack their weights. I have been going to this gym since they opened it and I still don’t understand why they do not have signs saying to rack the weights. Also there are a..holes who are

Image of Mark Ronzani
05 Feb 2020
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Great gym. Just like any other gym it provides what I need. They have a lot of free weights that you can use instead of just machines with a limited number of motion or weights how I’ve seen in other local gyms. The only downside is that

Image of Bobby Ebadi
16 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Craig and Morry are the great staff I know helping every one with smile and positive energy.These two persons are the only great things I see here.

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