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Address: 700 W 7th St Ste G300, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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3.1 Average rating
Image of AJ Squillace
23 Apr 2020
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Absolute cesspit.I cancelled my membership last year on account that I wasn't going, and the only

Image of Maddox Mcnamara
19 Apr 2020
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Competitive atmosphere - only against yourself. Don't worry about your insecurities, not being in shape, overweight, etc. It's a very supportive, no judgment vibe. When the workout starts, no one is focused on anything but their workout,

Image of Amirah Isabella
05 Apr 2020
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I just moved to DTLA from Huntington Beach and was happy to know that there is an LA Fitness 1/2 a mile from my apartment complex, since my apartment complex lacks a few machines that I need, and I already have an LA Fitness membership. I

Image of Ranjith Tirunagari
24 Mar 2020
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Decent gym but gets crowded in the mornings and evenings. Weights are all over the place (but then it is the case at many LAF locations). There are only two squat machines which are hard to find unused. Some of the equipments are quite old and they don’t get replaced soon. Shower and locker room areas are average.

Image of Viet Duong
02 Mar 2020
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Nice facilities with new machines, free weights and cardio machines such as treadmills and ellipticals and bikes. Small 2 lane pool. Room for cycling classes and also group classes as well. Clean locker rooms and shower.

Image of Shahab Akhavan
26 Feb 2020
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Great place. Lots of machine to use. Free parking. The shower is clean. The staff is friendly. They have classes, and it has a nice pool.

Image of John Morrison
22 Feb 2020
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This gym works well if you work downtown like I do. I use the treadmills a lot and there's usually a wait. There aren't enough of them and 1 or 2 are always in repair. Locker room is tight, but works, and location is good for those living/working in South Park.

Image of Durward Hagenes
10 Feb 2020
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I've been going here for over two years and I am still tremendously impressed. The staff is friendly and helpful and, most importantly, responsive. The few issues I've had (only one or two on two years) have been minor and handled immediately.

Image of Ponyo Buttersnaps
11 Jan 2020
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I'm a member here and I enjoy it because of its convenience but otherwise it's really not great. The bathroom and lockers are ALWAYS filthy the TV's never work, and to top it off this LA fitness doesn't have all the normal amenities. Its frustrating.

Image of Damian Caldera
10 Jan 2020
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I have been to many LA fitness locations, by far this is the most dirtiest one I have been to. I think the client who go to this gym are not very curious of the others. People use the weights and leave them all around. Paper used to wipe

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