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ABOUT LA Xtreme Remodeling

Posted: 1 week ago

The team at LA Xtreme Remodeling focuses on bringing our clients’ renovation dreams to life. Our skilled designers and contractors know that creating a perfect home the renovation needs to be precise, long-lasting and never compromise on quality.

Years of experience in the home improvement field means our team has developed the skill and expertise to offer far better results than our competitors. Each project we complete gives us the chance to make our renovation process even better and more efficient, meaning our customers experience a renovation that is fast, affordable and durable.

Combining 30 years of experience means we understand our customer’s exact needs and are more than capable of designing and building the best result for you.

OUR STORY Our founder Rafal Trojan established Xtreme Remodeling with the vision of creating a company that combines the talent of only those with proven experience and a love for their trade, home improvement. Mr. Trojan stands by the quote that ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none,’ showing his determination to create a workplace and a team that is entirely devoted to their work and creating amazing results.

During Rafal’s childhood, his parents designed and built three beautiful homes, and as he witnessed their construction by his devoted and committed parents, he learned that there is no substitute for dedicated and passionate craftsmanship. Learning from his parent's pride and fulfillment from building their homes, Rafal knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life - provide people with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction through flawless construction work.

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