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Philippe The Original Logo
4.9/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Edee Lo
04 Apr 2020
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Went back after years of going here. This time it was better. Got the lamb meat. Very tasty 😋 interesting location and vibe. Classic to the T. Phone booths are cute. Quality of food is great 👍 parking available. Take cards and cash 💵

Image of Khamid Bakhadirov
21 Mar 2020
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What an incredible place! Food is amazing, service is fast, place itself is full of history and character. Parking can be tough especially at lunch time. Absolutely worth a visit. Prices are great, food is delicious.

Image of Bessie Garner
20 Mar 2020
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Our dear friend introduced us to this gem and we couldn't be happier. Went twice in the past month. First of all, it's BYOB with no corkage fee. You bring your own wine, beer, and liquor - as many as you want. The food is fantastic and the

Image of Giovanna Flammia
16 Mar 2020
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This is the sandwich shop of all sandwich shops. The food is great the atmosphere is causal fun. The customer service is great. They have a ton of options for everyone to pick something from. They have a plethora of side dishes to choose

15 Mar 2020
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I don't know what else can be said about this place I love this place I've been going here since I was born. My parents went there my grandparents went there it's a staple in my life. Great sandwiches great sauce great chili great macaroni

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4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Pamela King
21 Apr 2020
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Took my girlfriend and her mom here (2 fussy white ladies) and for once they had no complaints. Food's great - pretty sure the pastas homemade. Breads homemade. Service - top notch. Laundromat next door - very interesting. Love it. Great dessert. Highly recommend.

Image of Kristina Rhodes
03 Apr 2020
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It was my first time visiting this restaurant, but I already love it. I thanked you for serving dishes that really match the taste of your customers. I was so surprised when your staff served my order within 5 minutes. Very nice and perfect place for those who love Italian food! Five stars for you, guys! Very strongly recommended!

Image of Karina Mcnutt
10 Mar 2020
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I had dinner here with my friends last week and we loved the place! A very over-looking place with good food and drinks that offered us. Their price was just right and fair, too. Their staff and servers were very accommodating and helpful as they helped us find a taxi nearby because we are new to the place. Thanks, guys!

Image of Miriam Houston
19 Feb 2020
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The foods are good, and I am satisfied with the service of the staff name Sofia and Kate, they are so accommodating and courteous at the same time. I super like their crabs and fish cooked by the chefs. Very awesome service! We will be back again on our next trip and recommend the restaurant to my friends and family.

Image of Natasha Jeller
19 Feb 2020
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Maybe one of my favorite gems in this area. Home made pasta. Friendly staff and most importantly tasty food. Their service lacks at times with how quick they get water or even how quick they come to you. Besides that I would choose to go here any day of the week due to the actual taste of food.

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4.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Peter Babida
25 Apr 2020
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Trying out some new Southern! Rabbit, pork, lamb, and beignets, we got the major good groups covered! They really did this place right in a slightly unconventional wedge corner lot. I forgot to take pics of the cocktails but you really should try them (the old fashioned was tad too sweet)

Image of June Johnston
12 Apr 2020
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It's a good place to get drinks with friends. The atmosphere is pretty classy. I came here for a birthday so it was later at night.They only had 1 staffed at the bar so it took awhile to order. The service is good for bottle service. They're very quick and attentive to refill and take away glasses.

Image of Dustin DeRollo
01 Apr 2020
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Rarely surprised by restaurants these days. Color me surprised. It's rare food can be both authentic and modern. Food was absolutely tasty. I had fried catfish. Moist, sweet and awesome sauce and fried pickles. Best brussel sprouts I ever

Image of Wayne Kimball, Jr.
16 Mar 2020
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Lively french inspired urban eatery that offers southern fusion cuisine in a cozy location in DTLA. The cornbread and fried catfish reminded me of my grandmother's specialties, as did the mac and cheese. The duck breast was fantastic, and

Image of Bonnie Walker
15 Mar 2020
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This place is AMAZING!! I asked our server, Ricardo, what is popular for Black Cow. He recommended many things! One of them being the chilaquiles!! And his recommendation was on point!! I loved it so much, I am back to try their corn flake

Redbird Logo
4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Beverly Phillips
20 Apr 2020
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So, not sure how I heard about this place but I have been itching to try it. Myself, my daughter, sister and my niece came here this afternoon for brunch and the food was great. Everyone enjoyed their food. The only issue I would say I had

Image of Shirley Baldwin
19 Apr 2020
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Love this restaurant and can't wait to go back. They have a great menu with lots of choices. The staff was amazing, especially Marga who made my visit extra special with her great service. The atmosphere is definitely amazing and I always

Image of Jeniffer McFarlin
19 Apr 2020
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Interesting place. Super clean and staff is very attentive. Super polite and enthusiastic about the food. The younger guy gave great recommendations and there was a skinnier fella very polite and made sure we had everything we needed. Great

Image of Daniel Müller
08 Apr 2020
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Food is delicious and creative! Presentation is great. The staff does a pretty good job. The night we were there there was a huge wedding party so I could tell they were a bit stressed. And to top it all off the desert was phenomenal. It's a bit expensive but well worth it.

Image of Grayson Jamer
02 Mar 2020
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Interesting place. Super clean and staff is very attentive. Super polite and enthusiastic about the food. The younger guy gave great recommendations and there was a skinnier fella very polite and made sure we had everything we needed. Great

The Palm - L.A. Downtown Logo
4.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Ellie-Rose Stott
23 Apr 2020
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Good BBQ burgers and good BBQ. Had their breakfast stuff, burgers and BBQ so far. All very good. Staff are very friendly. Sometimes there are small consistency issues like food prep time, condiments, etc., but overall they do a very good

Image of Brittaney Grace
13 Apr 2020
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Absolutely love this place. Than ambience is lovely the moment I stop foot into this restaurant . This restaurant is really spacious inside. There's a full open bar on the right side of the restaurant and the main restaurant arrangement is just beautiful.

Image of María Fernanda Chong Martinez
08 Apr 2020
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Love the decoration, people and food. Absolutely an incredible experience, we arrived with no reservation and there were tables available,I don't know if its like this all the time but I defenitly recommend this place

Image of Mahamadou L Oakley
22 Feb 2020
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I cannot think of anywhere in Los Angeles to go for a special celebration dinner. The ambience, the extraordinary foo, exceptional wine list and attentive service all makes for a really exquisite dining experience. Providence is flawless in

Image of Waters Mildred
21 Feb 2020
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First time trying out this restaurant which I've had an eye on for some time. The aroma from the spices when passing by is what caught my attention. Food is really tasty a lot of flavor to it which I loved. The man attending us was very

Otium Logo
"Otium is a contemporary restaurant that draws from the rich culinary heritage of Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. It is designed to be a social restaurant with an open kitchen merging indoor and outdoor spaces. The restaurant’s name, Otium, has its roots
4.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Norman Cynthia
25 Apr 2020
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We tried this Mexican restaurant, and it was all worth it. From foods down to its services, it was very phenomenal. We really enjoyed our time here because the foods are great and the services too. Truly an excellent Mexican restaurant that we will surely recommend to everyone out there. Good job, everyone! Keep it up!

Image of WeR2VEVO
17 Apr 2020
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So many great things to say about Otium. I've been twice for lunch and once for brunch, and I've never had a bad experience here. I've had so many different dishes that it's hard to refer to a handful and explain just how delicious they

Image of Edith Logan
11 Apr 2020
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Best restaurant in town! Great food and a great place to dine with whether you are with friends or family members. Their service is worth sharing and very fast. And also, this place is very well-known for the quality and variety of fresh seafood served. It's an open-air place, with parking available nearby. Highly recommended!

Image of Jean Anderson
04 Apr 2020
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The best restaurant when you're looking for affordable and yummy food in town. I always dine here whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or just a simple date with my partner. I always how they plate their food. The ambiance is very romantic, and at weekends they had a pianist to play for you. The place is so perfect!

Image of Exavier Rollins
02 Apr 2020
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The crispiest chicken ever!! I'm particularly picky about the breeding of Korean style chicken and this place did it right! It's super crispy and the sauce sits right on it. We ordered the half soy and half sweet & spicy. They were both

Bäco Mercat Logo
4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Wilma Johnson
24 Mar 2020
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My husband and I had a great time at this restaurant! The seafood paella we shared was very good. The show is very good as well. I recommend this restaurant for the food, the atmosphere, and the entertainment show. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and would go back in a heartbeat. We will definitely come back!

Image of Ares Dougherty
18 Mar 2020
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This spot provides fantastic service as well as delightful food. The best place around here. The food came out quickly and the rates were reasonable. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.

Image of Rosemary Hunter
12 Mar 2020
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This place has such delicious food! We ordered two chicken curry dishes here with Naan and Rice, and both had great distinct flavors. The waitress was super nice and gave us complimentary drinks, on the house.

Image of Stella Anderson
06 Mar 2020
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Today, I had a wonderful experience eating breakfast in this restaurant. The foods were yummy, at the same time, the drinks. Besides, their restaurant's ambiance was amazing and captivating, for it was stylish, clean, and modern. Even the waiters/waitresses were very nice and accommodating. Thank you very much. I enjoyed it!

Image of Hodson Valerie
24 Feb 2020
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Service is so friendly. My plate was like a home cooked meal. I loved the taste of the chili sauce with the tofu. I also loved the dill ranch sauce we got along with the fries. I would definitely try another dish from this place. Also I would love to try the different sauces with the fries.

Âu Lạc LA Logo
"Eatery serving creative vegan fare with Vietnamese and Asian influence in a serene dining room"
Nick & Stef's Steakhouse Logo
"Steakhouse Re-imagined in Downtown LA."
Le Petit Paris Logo
"Authentic Parisian brasserie located inside the historic El Dorado building in the heart of Los Angeles. Serving French cuisine for lunch, happy hour, dinner, and brunch. Equipped with two full bars, a second floor mezzanine, patio, and private dining areas."
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