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Address: Delta One, 7900 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91406

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Image of Lynette Rice
19 Apr 2020
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Don’t get me wrong: these workouts are excruciatingly difficult. But if an old bird like me can muddle through, you can. You will have a great time challenging yourself and will continue to marvel at how experienced the coaches are about weightlifting and making you cry, I mean sweat. This is a terrific gym. What are you waiting for?

Image of Alex Bykov
12 Apr 2020
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Amazing atmosphere with great trainers. Everyone makes you feel like family. Intense workouts.

Image of Hondo Hernandez
06 Mar 2020
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Not just a gym but a family!

Image of Mickey
03 Mar 2020
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Got bored at the gym and wanted to try something. This place is great because they are always changing the routine, challenge you, and make it fun all at the same time. Plus your workout in an airplane hanger!

Image of Derek Shaw
26 Feb 2020
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Amazing gym! I recommend to anyone trying to get into shape or step up their workouts. Coach D is very motivating. The people here are friendly and helpful. They also offer a great introductory rate if you are new Crossfit and want to give it a try.

Image of Sylvia Tadeo
23 Feb 2020
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I learned everything there is about working out properly, great nutritional information, the trainers are very attentive, they help guide, correct you and are very fun to be around!!

Image of Ben Junya
22 Feb 2020
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What can I say? Ditanyon knows his stuff, and so does his staff Michael and Sinam. They want to help you, and they definitely push you hard to make sure you stay accountable.

Image of Gabor Adorjan
05 Feb 2020
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Tru Fit Bootcamp is such an awesome gym. Michael and D truly make this place fun and energetic. I've gone to the gym for years and years to mostly lift. My cardio was non-existent. I never had an issue with weight and I felt pretty fit. Boy

Image of Michael Boyd
15 Jan 2020
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Great gym with right machines and weights. Staff is really chill.

Image of Max Marx
07 Jan 2020
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Since I’ve joined this boot camp I’ve noticed a great change in my body and mental awareness. I have lost weight and they make it an enjoyable 30 mins of non stop work outs. Can’t wait to be able to make it into the level 2 and 3 classes

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