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Address: 8515 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Overall feedback

4.6 Average rating
Image of Gam Sassoon
26 Apr 2020
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The food and the employees at the downtown silver spring location are the best I have experienced. I eat here 3-4 times a week, and I am a personal trainer who loves good and healthy food. Awesome staff. Great food. 10/10

Image of Daniel Corbett
23 Apr 2020
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It's healthy. Food is created fast as you wait. Delicious. Love the juices too!

Image of Nicholas Stephens
18 Apr 2020
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Salad was delicious! Always ppl coming in and out but they get them in and out quick. Right next to the theater and the community center, plenty off shops and other eateries around!

Image of Theresa Anderson
13 Apr 2020
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So good! Its the first time I've been here and its a Chipotle-style restaurant but so many ingredients to choose from! Like greens of your choice and dips such as eggplant hummus and spicy feta. Restaurant is clean and modern.

Image of Romona Foster
04 Mar 2020
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I love, love, love CAVA. The food is always fresh and delicious, the services is always great, the line moves very quickly, and they have an outside eating area right next to Veteran's Plaza -- so you can listen to music and watch the crowd

Image of christopher davis
25 Jan 2020
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Visited on Friday night w/ am outta town friend. He’s never been to Cava before! I showed him how the ordering works, etc. He really enjoyed the experience and especially the food! I got my usual bowl and we had a lovely time. Foodie approved! Also that peach green tea was refreshing yum! Very friendly staff as well!

Image of Mike Cruz
23 Jan 2020
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I had the chicken with black lentils, tomato and cucumbers tzatziki sauce and some other sauce. Terrible. The chicken was dry and flavorless, the lentils were just as flavor free. I couldn't stand the minimalist decor and ordering is an

Image of R Rubio
14 Jan 2020
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Excellent vibes and very amiable service. The food was fresh and yummy. Will clearly recommend this restaurant to friends and family. Affordable prices and large meals. Great job.

Image of Alex Escamilla
13 Jan 2020
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When I first went to CAVA I thought it was just another copy of other similar restaurants but as I started ordering the customer service was really helpful and happy. Their patience to explain their ingredients is just so accommodating, I

Image of Molly Grasso
06 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

My family loves Cava. The food is always fresh and delicious. I love now they are always bringing in seasonal specials to enhance the menu.

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