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Address: 3213 W Villard Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53209

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4.1 Average rating
Image of Beverly Peterson
13 Apr 2020
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I’ve been coming to the JJ’s Chicken on Villard for years and there chicken is great. It does not compare to the other locations in Milwaukee. You can tell by the taste of the food that everything is freshly made everyday. They’re a

Image of Ariel Glassman
11 Apr 2020
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The food was pretty good. I really liked the perch. The thing is, our order was so big, like $75 of food, and we ended up with no chicken livers but two pounds of chicken gizzards, when we originally wanted one of each. The worst part is

Image of James Harrell
26 Mar 2020
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The food is overpriced and greasy. The people who work there have the worse attitude, they walk around mean mugging the customer and have no respect. Black folks need to stop spending their hard earned money there.

Image of Tavvya W
19 Mar 2020
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Customer Service was great and food is always filling and satisfying

Image of Vic
06 Mar 2020
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Very good food there very clean and the owner really caters to his customers and they take pride in servicing our community infact I give staff and management 7stars😊🙏

Image of Debra James
04 Mar 2020
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I love JJ's fish! They fry it just right, and I lick the bones clean!!! YUMMY!

Image of Ike Reed
14 Feb 2020
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The service is great as we'll as the food

Image of Devin Marie
23 Jan 2020
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Please stop telling people you offer Catfish Fillets. That was not a catfish dead or allive. It was a fish...I can say that but not a catfish. Your catfish is catfishing people.

Image of Afriqah Imani
12 Jan 2020
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I Absolutely LOVE this place. The owner and staff are always friendly and professional, giving service with a 🤗. The food is ALWAYS PHENOMENAL!!! . GREAT SERVICE! GREAT FOOD! GREAT LOCATION!! GREAT PRICES!!! This family owned business is

Image of James Pickett
09 Jan 2020
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Bomb on the chicken, fish, and shrimp. Lot more to choose from on the menu though. Acceptable customer service. DEFINITELY check it out.

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