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Address: 8555 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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4 Average rating
Image of Nicolette Lazaga
22 Mar 2020
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This cute little Japanese restaurant is quaint and has an intimate feel to it. They have amazing vegetarian options. I especially recommend the fried green bean roll! They have a good variety of dishes that it's always fun to try something new! Everyone is really nice and friendly. I recommend this place.

Image of Charles Bell
18 Mar 2020
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We haven't eaten here many times and have always been very happy. Great service and reasonable prices. They also have very creative rolls.

Image of Rocio Rocio
12 Mar 2020
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The more I go, the more I like it! Quality price is super important and they have it. If I do not go more, it's because I do not have close! the service and speed very good! I can not wait to go back again

Image of Nycole Hidalgo
06 Mar 2020
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The good is great but when we went to pick up our order.... no one was wearing masks or gloves. The sushi chefs and hosts were not wearing any PPE whatsoever. Considering the gravity of the pandemic I was very worried about the safety.

Image of Samson Belai
02 Mar 2020
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I love!!! I've been to this place so many times ... !! If I do not go anymore, it's because I do not have too close! but I have nothing bad to say, service, speed ... everything excellent. Amazing flavor, and super important quality-price. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Image of David McClure
15 Feb 2020
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I really like their food. I always get great customer service here. The place is neat and the employees are always kind. Will come visit again.

Image of Scott Abernethy
24 Jan 2020
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I have never written a restaurant review before, but I have also never experienced anything like this before. I ordered the sushi dinner special A ( pieces Nigiri, 1 Roll- Spicy scallop). I donโ€™t pretend to have an incredible pallet, but

Image of Tyler Dixon
20 Jan 2020
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Really good place with very large portions for a great price. Our servers were awesome. Thank you!

Image of Scott Matus
16 Jan 2020
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Very impressed with the food, clearly a very popular spot for good reason. If you like creative and over-the-top sushi rolls, then you wonโ€™t be disappointed at all. Veggie rolls? Iโ€™ve never seen so many combos, truly impressive. Everything

Image of Karim Naguib
04 Jan 2020
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I've been eating here for five years, so I definitely like their food and it makes me very sad to leave a negative review. However, I tried to pick-up food today and it was clear they didn't care about the health of the community. Patrons

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