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Planet Fitness Logo
"We're Planet Fitness - The Judgement Free Zone. We're known for our low prices, friendly staff, and positive environment. Our philosophy is that in our clubs, you should be free to get in shape, have fun, or just kick back
3.8/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Diane Kooser
05 Apr 2020
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I think this is the best location in Manhattan. It was a little cramped at peak hours, but I could still use everything I wanted/ needed. Staff were very friendly professional.

Image of Danika Rockett
14 Mar 2020
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If you're familiar with Planet Fitness, then I'm reasonably certain you know exactly what's in store. No big surprises here, but a solid basement-level gym consisting primarily of treadmills, ellipticals, a few free weights, lots of various

Image of Malik Ahsan
13 Mar 2020
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Lloyd is a great person. Guided me through the entire gym. Made it an amazing experience for me. Actually, One of the best ! so far.Answered my Questions in a professional manner.

Image of Bryant E. Alberto
18 Feb 2020
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I actually like this gym! Compared to the other locations this one got friendly staff. They gave me a tour without even asking because it was my first time there. NEVER and I meant NEVER have I been greated at any planet fitness but this one.Also very clean.

Image of David Taylor
14 Feb 2020
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I have been trying to cancel for three years. I used this gym for eight months in 2016. I moved out of the country and explained to them that I want to cancel my contract and I would be willing to pay off the contract total. They

Brrrn: Cool Temp Fitness Logo
"Brrrn is the world's first cool temperature fitness experience. We conduct group fitness classes in 50°F, exercising you in a custom built walk-in fridge.SLIDE in 50°F: Core & Cardio Slideboard SeriesHIT + SLIDE in 50°F: Brrrn Slide Boards + weightsHIT
4.4/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Maddie Gaither
16 Apr 2020
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I went once before and it was great, but my experience last night was horrible. There was a woman who smelled so bad like she just worked out and didn't shower. Her stench was unbearable before they even turned on the heat. I asked the

Image of Helena
26 Mar 2020
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Good workout, didn’t get the hype over a 50° room. I could also just run outside?

Image of erica rose
23 Mar 2020
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A really fun and unique way to workout. Super clean and small classes. You’ll definitely work up a sweat. Basically speed skating in place sliding across a glide mat. Showers available.

Image of Neil
22 Mar 2020
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As someone who easily gets moist, working out in 45 degree temperature is amazing. Brrrn provides great HIIT training (ropes and dumbell circuit training) in an atmosphere that keeps you going for longer given the cool temperature.

Image of Alyssa Angeles
07 Mar 2020
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This is a very interesting concept and easily understandable too because it’s backed up with science. The studio itself is very clean! I had a quick tour in the gym area and it’s spacey and well organised. The owners and front desk are very

Row House Logo
4.5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Olivia Peluso
22 Apr 2020
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I discovered Row House a few years ago, and I'm obsessed. The classes are tough (but so much fun too)! You can get an amazing cardio workout + strength training in every class. Plus, the coaches and the staff are fantastic.

Image of Akila Simon
21 Apr 2020
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It is a treat to be part of a fitness and wellness community where positivity is ingrained in the fabric of the culture. Once in the door, you know that the staff genuinely enjoys what they do as it is evident in their interactions with

Image of austin george
09 Apr 2020
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Instructor Jenny O. was an amazing instructor. It was my first time in a Rowing class and she killed it. I have been to all of the large brand name studios, Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, FlyWheel and Row House is on that same level. Great job Jenny for bringing the enthusiasm and the knowledge to a first time rower!

Image of Jason Limb
09 Mar 2020
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Been working out here since fall 2018. All coaches are great. No such thing as a class that is too crowded. A full class is actually a good thing for the energy. You still get individual coaching as needed during the class. 45 minutes of a

Image of Justin Oswald
09 Mar 2020
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I discovered Row House a bit over a year ago when I started looking for a lower impact cardio routine. The decision to become a member was an easy one—I am invariably greeted by name with a warm welcome upon arrival, and every one of the

CKO Kickboxing Chelsea Logo
5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Molly Patterson
20 Apr 2020
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Just finished my fourth month training at CKO and it has been the best decision I've made since moving to NYC! I have noticed such amazing progress in my fitness - toned muscles, increased endurance, the best abs I've had maybe in my entire

Image of Adalis Luciano
02 Apr 2020
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I love working out at Chelsea CKO! I needed help keeping my motivation to work out. Taking these classes has been so helpful for me, especially since the instructors give you personal tips that help you work on your form. Its definitely a

Image of Michael Parish
01 Apr 2020
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Learn how to fight like a real fighter! Best kickboxing gym experience for even the beginners. Trainers are all rock solid, and will take the time to make sure your techniques are right so you can get the best out of your workouts. Every

Image of Brianna Tulp
22 Feb 2020
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Best gym I've ever belonged to! The owners make you feel like family and are some of the nicest people around. Not to mention that it's an amazing workout and you learn awesome techniques. I've never stuck to something so consistently as

Image of Tiahna Hays
09 Feb 2020
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I started at CKO on a promotion for a month thinking I’d enjoy my month and move on. Well darn it I fell in love with the gym and they now cannot get rid of me 😊 The workouts are some of the BEST in the city, the trainers and owners

Independent Training Studio - Gym - Belleon Body NYC Logo
"We are boutique Independent Fitness Training Studio with our own method of living well. We rent our space to certified fitness trainers upon request."
5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Vivian X
13 Apr 2020
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Excellent training environment! Belleon offers personalized programs with access to top trainers. I've been boxing with Mo for years. As a world champion pro-fighter he has the skill and experience and knows how to individualize training

Image of Michelle J
18 Mar 2020
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I love going to Belleon NYC! I have belonged to some of the biggest corporate luxury gyms, but really like Belleon for its personalized experience. They have all of the equipment as the big gyms but with the exclusive, relaxed feel. The

Image of Karen Sokolow
14 Mar 2020
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Belleon gym is one of my new favorite studios. Their excellent trainers, great classes, and the friendly people, really make working out here feel fun and motivating rather than a chore. I've recently trained with both Jeff (one of the

Image of Soule Yoga
03 Mar 2020
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If you are making strides towards total body health, walk into Belleon Body and introduce yourself. But be ready: You will work hard, and willingly so, because will notice the increase in energy, strength and ease of mobility every week.

Image of Kyle Joseph
25 Feb 2020
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Jay and Carlos are fitness/wellness geniuses, who have created Chelsea's newest workout facility. They have brought decades of research and experience to a friendly exercise community. They tailor a fitness program to one's individual needs and help address specific issues. It is far and away the best fitness experience of my life.

F45 Training Flatiron Logo
"Born in Australia, F45 Training merges 3 separate leading-edge fitness training styles into one, consummate and compelling group training experience for its members. F45 Training combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. The fusion of
Chelsea Piers Fitness Logo
"Chelsea Piers Fitness is NYC's most inspiring gym. Located on Pier 60 at the Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex, the adult membership fitness club features 150,000 square feet of space to work out, train and socialize.Highlights include a 6-lane,
Crunch Fitness - 19th Street Logo
"Crunch gym in New York, NY fuses fitness & fun through awesome group fitness classes, miles of cardio, top-notch equipment, and personal training, all in month-to-month memberships!"
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