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Koronet Pizza Logo
4.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of King Less
22 Apr 2020
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Great pizza, they have two sizes thou which is something you don't normally see in pizza shops. Regular and jumbo. The regular is like $3.25 be and the jumbo is like $5.75. Either or if you hungry and haven't eaten, try the jumbo, very

Image of Christine
14 Apr 2020
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I've always wanted to eat a very large cheese pizza in NY. My sister, who went to college here, recommended this place. Ordered a slice of jumbo cheese. Had it warmed up. Couldn't wait to taste it! First bite, was awesome. Decided to

Image of Bryan Reid
06 Apr 2020
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I tried regular size slices of the margherita and spinach & ricotta. Both were loaded with toppings. The margherita was generously sauced and tasted great. The spinach & ricotta was missing something to make the flavour pop. Appreciated how

Image of James Tomassoni
05 Apr 2020
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The slice was was the side of my head! As typical for a by the slice place out side prime times, the slice was not fresh and you can tell it had been sitting there for a while. For good it was considering, I would definitely want to try this place again when i am getting a whole pie or during a busy ti.e.when the slice is fresh.

Image of L G
24 Mar 2020
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giving 5 stars because been coming here for 40 years. place is world famous for the huge traffic sigh size pizza. price has gone up over the years and is now 5.50 a slice, ouch!! i get nostalgic every time i come here.

Junzi Kitchen Logo
4.6/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Lewis Wiley
22 Apr 2020
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I come to this unique restaurant from time to time since I love the ambiance that is part of this place. The personel is highly cordial and qualified. The service is very efficient. Also, the food they serve is great. I frequent many times and I was always pleased. The expense is modest. I recommend this restaurant to to all.

Image of Fish Zhao
17 Apr 2020
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quick service, but not recommend the knife noodle(which is too soft for a knife noodle!) soft noodle combined furu sauce may not be a good choice by the way :p, maybe i should try jaja sauce next time

Image of Isabelle Tran
19 Mar 2020
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New Asian version of chipotle where you build your own noodles or wrap. The ingredients are fresh and sauces are tasty. The noodles are freshly blanched in front of you and is served dry. The place is clean and staff are friendly. Price was a little bit more than expected for a self service place. Overall, pleasant experience.

Image of Christian Borre
05 Mar 2020
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Wow. I just started a vegan diet ago. Was walking by this place today and really really loved the menu and the slew of ingredients I could never pronounce or ever heard of before. Had the Furu Tofu and loved it. Filling and healthy.

Image of Jake Oravec
23 Feb 2020
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I really enjoyed the food and service here. The furu chicken was good, and so were the chips and soda. Really layed back and modern dining room. Staff accommodating. Bit pricey, but so is all of NYC for a vacationer. Regardless, low-key amazing!

Pisticci Logo
4.5/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Canh Tran
21 Apr 2020
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Good restaurant to go to when you’re up in this area. The food is pretty good but my favorite part is the atmosphere. They have a lot of cool original paintings around the restaurant that are actually pretty fun to look at.

Image of Emily L
21 Apr 2020
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Very delicious food. Friendly staff. Nice and clean environment. must try French toast!! And sea food pasta (Sorry i don't remember what its called.) already brought friends there again last night. They were happy with the choice we made.

Image of Martin Meyer
17 Apr 2020
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The service team is very warm and rather suave. It's a beautiful restaurant, with a sort of cobblestone cavern in the back emulating a wine cellar. And the food is delicious, with rich flavors. They evidently use high quality ingredients. Good portions, too. I'd definitely recommend if you want Italian, sans pizza.

Image of Jonathan Slon
10 Apr 2020
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Pisticci keeps getting better and better from year to year. The food is terrific, the atmosphere is very cozy and they have an impressive wine collection. A top restaurant within walking distance from Columbia University area. It feels hidden away on a side street, and it is!

Image of Krithika Solai
02 Apr 2020
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Great place that's lined with vintage decors, to spend a cozy evening with Italian food. Ideal for family, groups as well as dates. Customer service is amazing as the staff members are all quite warm & friendly. Further, their captivating

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