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With over half of the world’s population being glued onto the internet, online marketing or internet marketing has become essential for any business to not only grow, but even to simply exist and find customers. It is practically impossible for a startup or a new business to launch without an online presence.

For established businesses, if they do not have an online presence then they are bound to lose out on potential customers and allow their competitors to lead over them. Online marketing is very direct, in the sense that the advertisements are directly projected onto mobiles phones and screens which humans use. That means that the human being has to go through them.

Nowadays all platforms, whether websites or social media apps like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. are filled with ads after a certain number of posts, videos, stories, etc. It is impossible to escape ads if you use any device and thus those ads get instilled in the users mind. It is the most direct form of marketing and can be more effective and convenient to the user as compared to offline modes of advertisements.

So if you are looking to increase your audience, fetch more potential customers and in turn gain profits and grow your business, online marketing is the way to go.