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Address: 5850 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Overall feedback

4.7 Average rating
Image of Bethany
15 Apr 2020
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Really cool experience! If you can allow yourself to relax and appreciate it, it's very relaxing. My only suggestion is to make sure they haven't recently replaced the lining in the tub. If they have, you will inhale plastic fumes the entire time you're in the tank.

Image of Anthony
23 Mar 2020
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Fantastic place to go! The staff were friendly and welcoming, they were able to answer any and all questions I had about the experience which I was nervous about. The rooms that the pods are in are nicely furnished and warm. They have a

Image of Nicole Kline
11 Mar 2020
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For a pretty luxurious activity, both in theory and in price this one leaves a little to be desired. The gentleman who escorted me back was holding his travel coffee mug (guessing he just came to let me in). He was kind and had good tips

Image of Karen Biddle
12 Feb 2020
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Wonderful experience and service!

Image of John Allison
10 Feb 2020
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Been here twice now, and while it takes a while to get a hang of floating, once you do, it’s a very powerful space for self-reflection and processing. This is a great facility and the owner is very kind and helpful, and I look forward to going back more in the future. Really grateful to have this place nearby!

Image of Kyle Pattison
24 Jan 2020
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The staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating. The center is beautiful and clean. The tanks operated wonderfully! I'll definitely be back.

Image of Jessica Clark
22 Jan 2020
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Absolutely amazing. Everything I had hoped and more. Staff was exceptionally warm and inviting as well as informative. I felt fully prepared for my first float and enjoyed immensely. Can not wait to return again!

Image of Lauren Kyle
19 Jan 2020
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Absolutely LOVE this place!!! Always the best service and relaxing environment. Very clean and I recommend buying the packages!

Image of Patrick McCoy
07 Jan 2020
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This was my first time trying a sensory deprivation tank. It was a very weird experience but I had always wanted to try it and I feel as if I definitely got the full experience. When we arrived, I got a text message from the person running

Image of Nick Dickerson
05 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

My wife and i went for our first float and it was great! Luke, who i think is the owner, was very accommodating and helpful. I called him at 10:30am and by 1:00pm that same day we were floating. I will definitely be back!

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