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Address: 1109 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

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4.7 Average rating
Image of Verified
02 May 2021
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This Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen is awesome!! I wish I found this place earlier. At least I live close by. I'll be bringing all my friends who want ramen here.

Image of Katelyn Mahoney
11 Apr 2020
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Outstanding spot for quality Ramen. very filling. the staff was helpful and kind. the prices are fair for the quality of food. reminds me of a place in new york i loved to visit.

Image of Adrienne Liu
17 Mar 2020
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Surprised by how taste the ramen was. Tried the house special and it contains a decent spice level. Perfect for a cold night. Friend tried the black garlic ramen. Both came with pork slices and soft shell crab. We also ordered some

Image of Jeannie Huey
16 Mar 2020
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This is my 5th time going. I enjoy the miso and the Tan Tan noodles.

Image of Litton Chen
14 Mar 2020
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The tan tan ramen with soft shell crab is amazing! Fantastic hole in the wall restaurant.

Image of I May
02 Mar 2020
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Tried their lunch special ramen + curry riceIt was a lot of food for one person. Overall, it was good ramen

Image of Argel Valdez
26 Jan 2020
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The house specialty ramen is delicious!!!

Image of Zi Q. Kuang
09 Jan 2020
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The ramen here is among the best I’ve had, even considering my two trips to Japan. The broth is infused with rich flavor. There is a complex well prepared meats combined with different flavor of sauces. I can tell that many ingredients are

Image of Aaron Thach
07 Jan 2020
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The ramen was pretty good. I would come back to try the other flavors. I had the lobster black garlic ramen. Very tasty

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