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Address: 1130 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

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Image of Max Chan
20 Apr 2020
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The Acai Bowl near me just opened recently. This is the most delicious acai bowl i have ever tried before. There are so many acai bowl near me, but this new store have customize-my-own (create-my-own) menu so i can put all the ingredients into my acai bowl.

Image of Elaine Lee
11 Apr 2020
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Good service either via the person or a self help kiosk. The presentation is beautiful. The area is clean and feels comfortable for studying. Also they are going to get coffee soon. Right now you can get canned high brew which is also good.

Image of Idit Harlev
07 Apr 2020
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Great news addition to Ocean avenue. Very nice place great service. Their Acai bowl combinations are really interesting with many options to choose from and it was delicious

Image of Chris Chang
23 Mar 2020
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Great neighborhood spot, ingredients are always fresh, great customer service. Come here almost every weekend. Definitely the best açaí place in SF!

Image of Chandani02
07 Mar 2020
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Omg I loved this place. The food feels so good, healthy and refreshing honestly. The place is super clean and such great helpful staff. First timers should definitely go for the Lazy Bowl(the picture in this review) I loved it. It is even

Image of Jessica Koncz
21 Feb 2020
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Best Acai bowl I’ve ever had, and that’s a lot coming from an Australian where Acai is HUGE. I loved that I could choose my own granola and toppings too!

Image of Michael Martin
03 Feb 2020
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This is the best acai bowl I've ever eaten. Many different options to customize your bowl and it taste amazing. It you're in San Francisco and like acai this is my recommendation.

Image of Carlo Lata
25 Jan 2020
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Wow, this place is so good. Excellent customer service as well. I’ll definitely be coming back!!

Image of Perii Cup
24 Jan 2020
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The acai bowls here are pretty amazing. They have tons of bases to choose from such as pitaya and charcoal, then there's unlimited toppings. Definitely one of the best acai bowl in sf

Image of Debora Teixeira
06 Jan 2020
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I cannot begin to describe how well planned out this açaí bar has been designed. Not to mention the amazing taste of the açaí and the great toppings. Being from Brazil they are top notch. You order yourself to minimize the wait. You can study here, they offer plenty of outlets. Highly recommend this spot.

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