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Address: 1934 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127

Overall feedback

4.2 Average rating
Image of Mo Zaidiah
24 Apr 2020
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Very nice people and good pizza

Image of don james
22 Apr 2020
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I like this restaurant for its amazing offers and discounts. These really are fantastic, attract me for coming again and again. Some of their special foods are Monza Pizza, Meat Lasagna, Tiramisu, Hawaiian Pizza, Buffalo Wings, etc. Recommended to foodies.

Image of Kim Anderson
20 Mar 2020
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Not only is the pizza excellent, but the people that work here are all kind and amazing. I was late coming home one night and the streetcars just never came and not even knowing me, or why this crazy lady was hailing a pizza delivery car (I

Image of Johnny Gibbons
02 Mar 2020
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I very much enjoy their food and customer service, good location next to my apartment. The employees are always very welcoming. Will come visit again.

Image of Maulik Nasit
22 Feb 2020
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Hidden Gem! Delicious pizza. We tried the Garden pizza. A slice is a size of a small dominoes pizza. Amazing food at low price. I would recommend to all the foodies out there!

Image of Mike Springer
14 Feb 2020
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Okay! Here’s the deal on Monza. The pizza is very good. I could wax on, but very good pizza. There are a few artisanal places in San Francisco that do better, BUT... the portions at Monza are enormous and the prices are insanely low. There

Image of Normandy Truth
07 Feb 2020
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If you like dough come here. Could not find the mushrooms , stingy on the meat, very mediocre, supermarket quality at best. Avoid.

Image of Sandra Santiago
17 Jan 2020
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This the worst place, customer service, well it doesn't exist. Your better off going somewhere else for food and service at least you'll get what you ordered

Image of Greg Murray
15 Jan 2020
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The best place for pizza in SF,Comparable to the old Villa Roma, My favorite Italian sausage and mushrooms.

Image of Jeannie Castro
02 Jan 2020
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I especially love their godfather and semiregularly come in for a slice or two. Their pinwheels are great and whenever I order delivery I make sure to add an order. Fast service and great selection with great taste. I always love to come back for some pizza.

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