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Address: 1400 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

Overall feedback

4.2 Average rating
Image of Elena Kovakina
22 Apr 2020
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Fresh fish, delicious little bites. Best agedashi tofu I ever had. All in trendy and friendly atmosphere. Great service and open late

Image of David H
20 Apr 2020
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Overall food experience was great. Would definitely come again. Atmosphere and service was good and food came out in good time. Make a reservation if you can as that will help with wait times.

Image of Kwan Kwan
17 Apr 2020
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Yakitori is my favorite food when I visit Japan and this restaurant is overcooking all their meats. Even the egg in the nabe udon is waaay overdone. If you go, just order raw dishes (ie oysters, sashimi) and you may have better luck!!

Image of Rachel Cohen
05 Apr 2020
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LOVE them!! their sushi is delicious and fresh and they are so kind! Because of the shelter-in-place, I ordered through DoorDash and DoorDash made a mistake on the order. Sakesan was so helpful and apologetic-- even though it was not their fault. Please support them...and get delicious food in return!

Image of Paul Chan
02 Apr 2020
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Nice addition to the neighborhood. Good Japanese dining with wide selection of dishes. Not just the usual sushi and rolls. Fresh fish, seafood, daily oyster specials, noodles, grilled items, sukiyaki ... you get the idea. Gets crowded but worth the wait and service is fast once seated. Also have a few private party rooms.

Image of Max A
07 Mar 2020
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Most of the items we ordered here were not fresh, and my wife ended up getting food poisoning. We started with the dozen oysters for $1 each, which was a great deal and we love oysters. Unfortunately, the second oyster I put in my mouth

Image of Jay Chen
21 Feb 2020
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A nice mordern decor new addition on ocean street. In recent years, ocean street underwent some improvements with new restaurants, markets and condos. Sakesan Sushi & Robata opened it's door on May of this year. With its updated modern

Image of Chelsea Lancaster
11 Jan 2020
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This place has the ultimate fresh sushi. I have never tasted sushi that is as fresh and of good quality as Sakesan has. Every piece of fish, eel and octopus we had tasted 100x better than any sushi I have ever had. And to top it off, it's

Image of Joy Tsao
09 Jan 2020
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I don't remember if I've already reviewed this place, but it doesn't matter. I absolutely love Sakesan! Order ANYTHING from their menu, and you will never be disappointed. Their sushi is spectacular -- the rice to filling ratio is just

Image of Steph Wong
02 Jan 2020
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We're always looking for places that are open late night. Located on Ocean, this place is easily noticable from the street. The place has a decent amount of seating.

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