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Address: 1390 Market St suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94102

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Image of Phillip Lembkey
21 Apr 2020
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SF Rodent Control had great customer service. They were professional and attentive. Overall I am very pleased with them! I highly recommend.

Image of mary petrie
18 Apr 2020
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SF Rodent is the one to choose- they get the job done! excellentDon't waste your money on other companies who want you as a steady customer and your payments forever, and therefore do a lousy job.

Image of Sparkman John
12 Apr 2020
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I am highly satisfied with the pest-control services they provided. They are experts and managed to completely eliminate pests from my house. Highly recommended!

Image of ofer meri-esh
05 Apr 2020
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The organisation provides an affordable solution to rodents and other wild animals. I highly recommend this company for the pest control. Definitely avail their services.

Image of Bob Buckter
12 Mar 2020
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My tenant was bitten all over her body from insects living on the hide of mice and rats. SF Rodent came in and got rid of the rodents. She is much better now!

Image of David Zinn
22 Feb 2020
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They arrived inside their window. They thoroughly inspected our storage areas. They did a lot of work sealing potential entry ways. They set traps and then came back 4 or 5 more times to check traps. Couldn't be much better.

Image of Stephanie Peterson
19 Feb 2020
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Did a great job FINALLY getting rid of my rodent issue in my garage. I had used a national chain exterminator previously and SF Rodent was above and beyond. I highly recommend!

Image of Jimmie Rich
12 Feb 2020
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If your house has unwanted rodents? Than the best way to get free from them is through pest control services that will help to eradicate rodent and will prevent health problems. Highly recommended!

Image of Sandy Jones
18 Jan 2020
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The property had a HUGE rat/mice/rat problem. I called another company and they gave me a song and dance about a monthly program. Thank you, NO, I need them GONE. I called SF Rodent and they gave me a FREE estimate, not a $195, "we'll

Image of Mahogany Roland
07 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Great experience for one of our clients in need. They were awesome and courteous.

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