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Address: 2920 Aborn Square Rd, San Jose, CA 95121

Overall feedback

2.4 Average rating
Image of Oleg Churyumov
21 Apr 2020
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Friendly receptionist and a lot of space. This club is really huge. Restrooms are relatively clean and there are a lot of amenities like swimming pool etc. Overall club is nice and people are nice. Parking is not overwhelmed.

Image of Eric Alvarado
01 Apr 2020
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This place is a lot cleaner than some of the other 24 Hour in the area which is why I became a regular here. I usually go during off times and avoid the evening rush hour and generally don't have any issues using the machines I want. Plus

Image of DandaNgsan
19 Mar 2020
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There is gum on the floor and on the equipment. Someone keeps taking a dump everywhere except the toilet.

Image of Ross Austin
17 Mar 2020
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Awesome place to workout! Coaches do a great job to give everyone equal attention to help improve form and fitness! Highly recommend this box!

Image of Erika Gomez
11 Mar 2020
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People who attend are nasty, they don’t clean the machines after use. Not once have I seen staff sanitizing or cleaning the gym. Sauna is STINKY AF! Sweat and dust all over the windows and frames.

Image of Thang Ngo
10 Mar 2020
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I cant believe how bad is this gym. They have thousands of memberships here and CANNOT hire a janitor to clean up the male restroom. It smells extremely toxic for weeks. Worst exp

Image of Felicia Bargas
07 Mar 2020
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The place sucks and they have poor resolution for client satisfaction. We were forced to pay a monthly childcare fee because paying 8 per child (2 for us) per visit didn’t make sense. The problem is my son is categorized because he has Down

Image of Blain Chafin
19 Feb 2020
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Impressively bad, you have to be actively committed to not trying for that many weights to be left out and for the locker room to be that gross. Worth checking out actually - like a museum - tour the facility and ponder the artists meaning.

Image of Jack
26 Jan 2020
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This location has a very bad customer service. I've been to other 24 fitness locations and they all are great, wouldn't go back here anymore. It's the employees.

Image of Elizabeth Rose
05 Jan 2020
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lots of cool stuff like plenty of equipment, sauna, pool, hot tub, etc.

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