Wuchna USA Spa Business Directory

Spa rejuvenates your mind, soul and body. In the hustle bustle of life when we get utterly exhausted, we always look forward for some mystic place to make us feel revitalized and what could be better than a Spa .A visit to spa is a bliss and it calms our mind ,massage with essential oils is just a heaven and there are many more services that spa offers to pamper yourself. Spa also offers health treatments which is known as Balneotherapy it a technique where body is soaked in thermal mineral water to cure illness.

There are wide range of Spas an you can elect according to your need like:

1.Ayurvedic Spa: is best when you want to relieve emotional and stress pain. Ayurvedic spa uses therapeutic essentials oils to massage your body in a traditional way. The technique used during massage are stretching, kneading and tapping to relieve all the pain.

2.Dental Spa: is an innovative way of treating dental issues. It reduces anxiety when you opt for dental spa as it offers spa along with dental treatment like Massage therapies, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and many more. It’s expensive though but it’s pretty nourishing.

3.Health Spa: provides facilities like Gym, swimming, exercing and taking steam baths and Saunas. It also provides beauty services like massage, facials and various treatment spa packages.

4.Medical Spa: offers medical services to remodel you and mainly aesthetic services are provided in medispas like acne treatment, Botox injections, Laser removal treatment, microdermabrasion, Chemical facial peels, anti-wrinkle and fine line treatments.

5.Thermal Spa: offers thermal or heating treatment to relax your body like hot bathtubs, jacuzzi, saunas and steam bath and it is believed that soaking your body in hot water relaxes you and relieves pain and stress from your mind and body.